Stay Connected No Matter Where You are? It’s a Digital World.

Stay Connected No Matter Where You are? It's a Digital World. 1

Shreya knew that her brother would call her or text her once he is in a zone with proper network. She already was missing him. But she knew when he was traveling international, he needed a Wi-Fi to connect. She calculated the time difference between Thailand and India.

‘He must have reached the island.’ She thought. But for exact whereabouts she needed to get call from Rahul.

Although traveling is quite safe now with blooming tourism, we tend to worry about our loved ones. Cause the land is strange and everyone around is a stranger.

‘Did Rahul call?’ their Mother asked while she worked in the kitchen.

‘Not yet. He will once he gets some network I guess.’ Shreya said after she checked her phone for any calls or messages.

‘Why wait for his call? Why don’t you give him a call?’ their father spoke while he read the newspaper.

‘Has he activated the international roaming?’ Shreya asked.

‘No, he took an international calling sim card online from You can now call him anytime and any moment.’

‘Really?’ their Mother inquired.

Shreyas phone started ringing. There was a video call. Rahul was standing by some serene beach and other three were having a digital experience through the video call. He said the beach is less crowded as it is an island and away from main city.

‘How does the video call maintain its quality then?’ Shreya asked.

‘These international calling cards from has good frequency. Also, the data plan is quite sufficient. So, I can show you around through the video calls and you will know how it is here.’ Said Rahul.

‘That’s great. You planned well for your trip this time. Now we don’t have to wait for a call from your end, you will always be in contact.’

‘Does that mean you are going to disturb me now and then?’

‘Off course yes! Now I can choose my gifts via video shopping, right?’ Shreya laughed.

How easier it is now to stay connected no matter where you are. It’s a digital world, for sure!