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More Than 3,000 Voice & Data plans, Coverage of Over 150 Countries

Stayconnect Your Travel Mate

Travel Across the world, capture your moments and share them with your friends, family and on social media.

Use Stayconnect SIM Card as your travel partner.

We bring to you products like the Travel Phone, the Stayconnect App, more than 3,000 Voice & Data plans, coverage of over 150 countries to help you cope with challenges of international travel better.

We are Stayconnect Cellular Services and we provide you Limitless Access across the world.

Now, you need not fret over lost business access or being limited by poorly designed voice & data plans. Further, neither will your home office need to attend complaint calls from disgruntled executives at odd hours nor will your executives run up expensive hotel Wi-Fi bills. And, best of all, the entire process and billing is transparent.

So, whether your teams are thrashing out a deal on Wall Street, serenading merchandizers in Milan, taking delivery of a ship in Busan or debating strategy at an offsite in Cape Town, Stayconnect’s easy & generous plans help them keep in touch with their families, and our unique service layers enable them to explore their surroundings for the perfect global experience.

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If you are visiting overseas then you definately require a International SIM Card for making calls, using internet connection. So why to lose connectivity, use Stayconnect International SIM card.

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