Buy International SIM Cards by Country

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International SIM or Calling card in India

Planning to travel abroad or going now. Get rid of heavy roaming call charges on international calls. Carry StayConnect International SIM card with you and enjoy local call rates for the country you are traveling to.
Enjoy your journey or tour and stay connected with your family & friends and share your happy moments with StayConnect International data packages.

Stay Connected Always With Unlimited Data

If you are traveling abroad without internet data, it becomes more difficult to spend time. Reasons for this, we wish to update our WhatsApp Status, spent time on Facebook or do other things on the internet all the time. Don’t worry about it anymore we have a good solution for this, our unlimited data plans.

With Stay Connect unlimited data packages you can do or even more at higher data speeds. We just simply offer you unlimited data plans for various countries. We also provide special discounts and deals every day. Stay in touch with us to grab your special deals and discounts.

Global sim card plans

Why choose Stay Connect for buying International SIM cards?

Easier to buy. Just visit our official website and buy a sim card online in less time. Also, Stay Connect provides international Calling cards at cheaper rates.
Stay Connect provides International SIM card services for various countries. We have our stores at Indian International airports. We provides local SIM cards for various countries with the lowest tariffs in India.
We are the best promoter of international SIM cards. Provides SIM cards at cheaper rates.
Stay Connect have may trusted clients traveling all over the world without any data and calling problems.