StayConnect Traveler Jyotsna Devi’s Travel Story

StayConnect Traveler Jyotsna Devi's Travel Story 1

I was young when I used to travel for my college and tutorials. We had lesser mode of communication. Even though I had a mobile phone with me the tariffs were higher.

My father made sure I had enough talk time and validity in my phone. He said, ‘No matter where you are. Stay in touch. Always.’

I would give a ring to Dad whenever I boarded a train or bus, whenever I reached college, or left for home. Sometimes I did call him but spoke lesser than a minute. Sometimes dad would call back after my missed call.

I looked at my phone when I reached airport. How did this device which provided only calls, now turned so much into a miracle? The world is on your fingertips and its completely unbelievable.

Now you not only can just call but can send your pictures across, book cabs, shop online, make a video call. The distance is trimmed so much that you don’t even feel it. I clicked a picture in the aircraft and sent on our family group. We chatted for a while and then I checked in through other social networking sites too.

When I had told dad about Dubai, he asked me how would I be in contact, whether I will have to buy other sim card after I reach there and many more questions. I had to open my laptop and go on and show how it works. How easy it is to get cheapest international calling card for various countries. He was surprised with all this.

‘Must be expensive. I have heard they charge a lot even for incoming there.’ He asked. I just smile.

I reached Dubai and gave a ring to my father and disconnected. Like I did back in college days. As usual he called back.

‘Dad this international calling cards are affordable. And the incoming is free too. So, call anytime you feel like.’

‘Is it? That’s the best part. I will call anytime I miss you. Stay in touch. Always.’

‘Yes, Dad.’

Some things never change.