How to Stay Connected With Family & Friends While in Abroad?

How to Stay Connected With Family & Friends While in Abroad? 1

When did this phone turned into a necessity? No one knows. But from the moment you wake up until you sleep, you need your phone. You swipe through images on social networking site. You tap and the things you need can be ordered. You click and you pay everything through phone. Nowadays everything revolves around your phone and the phone operates all this for you through its sim card, its connectivity.

Things are easy when you are in your home country. Staying connected while you are in some foreign lands is very important. Not just cheap calling international calling sim card, but limitless access is also important factor.

International calling cards from India

It would be very hectic to reach the destination and then search for a sim card. It is always a smart move to get a prepaid international calling card according to your needs from India itself.
To make it easier, you can find suitable plans for 150+ countries on according to your requirements.

Airport and hotel Wi-Fis

Airport and Hotels Wi-Fi are free but have restrictions as well. You get free connectivity once you enter airport or hotel premises. It doesn’t cost you any extra as well. But you can’t completely depend upon such source of network because once you are away from the premises you no longer get any

Also, some hotels do charge extra for Wi-Fi connection.

Sim card outside airport or at some shops

Yes, you can do that too. Get down at airport and ask for a place where you can get a sim card. For this you need to find a shop or source to buy such cards and even if you find one, you will have to buy the available one and cannot customize it. In such cases, it turns out expensive too.

So, if you are planning for a trip in well advance, getting a cheap international calling card is always recommended. With you can choose your card online and get your card shipped for free on purchase above 2500 INR through a safe payment gateway.