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Things to Consider Before Buying International Calling Card


Things to Consider Before Buying International Calling Card

Things to Consider Before Buying International Calling Card 1

If you have already planned for getting an International calling card for you travel schedules, Congrats! You have taken a smart step. But before getting one have you thought about what all you should consider? What plans are recommended? How should you choose one?

Today there are wide range and various international calling sim cards available in market. Lets see what are the points to keep in mind before you get one for you.

1- Always select a card as per your travel destination

Every country and it’s network requirements are different. And so are the tariffs. It is always advisable to research well and speak to a authorized person regarding your trip before jumping off certain card.

2- Know whether your require a Post-paid one or Pre-paid one

In case you already know your requirements and the packages you want, and if you are sure of your limits of usage; you can vouch for a Pre-paid one. But, if you are not sure of the usage and want to be on a safer side; better set off with a Post-paid one. Not only you have liberty to use it as you wish, there are sometimes better plans available too.

3- Customization according to your need

International calling cards are considered expensive if not used in smart way. For example, if you know there would be more calls on a certain number or two, ask for a customized plan where you can have access to this numbers with lesser charges or with other benefits.

4- Internet usage

Nowadays, if you are disconnected from internet it gives you feeling of getting back to the Flintstone era. And with so much to offer by just one click, staying away from it during travel is next to impossible.

Select a plan which offers you internet perks as well and not just calling.

5- Do you have eye for detail?

You might, but you can’t check every minute detail. Or sometimes its already late when you know so. Hence, it is advisable to check all hidden charges and deductions before getting an calling card for you.

And as the word itself says, you can get all the above in just one Card, ‘Stayconnect’. You can visit the site and know more at And when you get anything on just a fingertip, isn’t it wise to travel smart and always stay connected?