4 Best USA SIM cards for Indian Travelers


The USA is well known for many things: bluegrass and beaches, snow-covered peaks and forests. For these all things, USA is the world’s best tourist attraction. Telecommunications in the USA are very expensive when you compare it with other countries.


If you are only planning to visit this country then you have a lot of other expenses planned. But what about the internet connectivity, if you use your native sim card in the USA, you will be charged with heavy roaming bills. What if you can save 100% on roaming while traveling to the USA from India.

When you are planning to travel abroad, then many questions related to mobile internet connectivity comes to everyone’s mind. Some of them are

Which is the best SIM Card for USA?

How can I get a USA SIM Card in India?

Which is the cheapest SIM Card for USA in India?

Can I use my Indian SIM Card in USA?

We personally looked, used and experienced some of the top USA SIM Card providers in India. Here are our top choices of USA prepaid SIM Cards.

USA SIM Card Providers in India

Stayconnect USA SIM Card

Stayconnect cellular services pvt. Ltd.

Stayconnect is on the top of this list, as it provides the best value USA SIM Card which best suits to your travel budget. Stayconnect offers various prepaid USA sim card plans.


TSIM Communication Services Pvt. Ltd.

We put TSIM USA SIM Card on the second number because of its mind-blowing search engine rankings. TSim working for a long time and having thousands of satisfied customers. TSim also provides various plans for USA SIM Card.

Matrix USA SIM Card

Matrix Cellular (International) Services Ltd.

After researching Matrix USA SIM card we found that this sim card works best with GSM type connectivity.

Uniconnect USA SIM Card

Uniconnect international sim cards

Uniconnect USA SIM card comes with built-in talk time and also this business ranks for many keywords that have a high purchase intent.

4 Best USA SIM cards for Indian Travelers

Top chose plan

This 2GB of data plan comes with 30 days validity and it is the top chose a plan for USA SIM Card. If you have a low budget then this plan best suits your travel budget.

Data: 2GB

Calls: Unlimited Incoming, Outgoing – Local and India!


Credit validity: 30 days

Smart value plan

Stayconnect USA 6GB plan has a credit validity of 30 days. The price value and credit validity make it the smart value prepaid plan.

Data: 6GB

Calls: Unlimited Incoming, Outgoing – Local and India!


Credit validity: 30 days

If you have a medium budget or can expand your budget a little bit then this 10GB plan makes you travel easier with high-speed connectivity.

Data: 10GB

Calls: Unlimited Incoming, Outgoing – Local and India!


Credit validity: 30 days

Best Value Plan

If you are a businessman or need more connectivity data plan then this unlimited data plan comes with 30 days credit validity is perfect for you. This type of data plan is recommended for the one who requires internet connectivity most of the time a day.

Data: Unlimited

Calls: Unlimited Incoming, Outgoing – Local and India!


Credit validity: 30 days

Things to remember when choosing a SIM Card for USA travel

Don’t make a fast decision! Don’t spend money on USA SIM Card without doing a comparison between a different service provider and Following are the things you should keep in mind when choosing the best SIM Card plan for the USA 

Travel duration

The very first thing to consider when buying an international sim card for the USA is the duration of your travel. When you have a one month visa then you should not buy a 10 days or 3 months sim card plan.

If you buy a more credit validity plan than your travel duration then your data will be waisted and if you buy a less credit validity plan than you may run out of your data plan quickly and will face trouble.

SIM Connectivity (CDMA or GSM)

Now every smartphone comes with both types of sim connectivity CDMA  and GSM. But if your phone doesn’t support both then chose a SIM Card which will work best when visiting the USA.

Data requirements

If you are a lover of the internet of things or running a business that you want to operate remotely then you can’t take a risk by buying fewer usage plans. So choose the best data plan as per your requirements.