Necessity of International SIM Cards [True Story Blog]

Necessity of International SIM Cards [True Story Blog] 1

She strolled her bag through the airport with her eyes fixed up on the ambience. She had never seen variety of lights, arts, statues so beautiful. People were rushing down to catch up their flights. It amazed her, how huge and beautiful airports were. She had never travelled out of her town except for her
relative’s place. And now she was traveling to an international destination with her husband, first time ever.

She smiled throughout her way and sat comfortably in the aircraft. She peeked out of the window like a curious child. After asking for water, she inquired to him about their luggage; where and when would they get it? He told her they would receive it safely at their destination in Europe.

Once they landed, she took her handbag safely from overhead compartment and walked out of the aircraft. She switched on her phone realizing it was of no use without a sim card.

Once at the airport she excused others on the trip to visit a washroom. Arrival gate was nearby and they all decided to meet each other there. She came out of the washroom and realized she was lost. She had no idea where to head so that she could meet her husband. She was educated and knew everything about Wi-Fi, but couldn’t understand how to connect. Moreover, she was nervous now, like a lost child.

Before she could head for help desk the phone in her handbag started buzzing. She pulled the phone towards her ears; he was there few metres away from her. She couldn’t stop smiling.

‘Was it international roaming? Must be expensive.’ She said.

‘No, it’s not. This is international calling sim card that I got for both of us. So, we could have limitless access wherever we are.’

‘Oh! When did you get that?’

‘It’s easy, I logged in on and found one suitable for both of us.’

They walked out of the airport in a strange country. Without worrying to get disconnected now.