Things To Know About USA Before Traveling There

Things To Know About USA Before Traveling There 1

United stated of America is like a different world altogether. When I first reached there, I was bit conscious, but the country accepted everyone so surprisingly quick. It was a beautiful experience I ever had.
Even if I say it was easy, you need to be prepared and know quite things beforehand.

There are numbers and alphabets to the roads

Have you watched the Bollywood movie ‘English Vinglish’? If not, yes there are no specific names for streets or areas. You won’t have streets like link road or Karol bagh like we have here in India. So, you will always need to be alert which street you are crossing and what building number you are searching.

Extreme fluctuating weather

India is sorted in terms of seasons. Rainy, Winter and Summer. But what if you have carried an overcoat and it is raining there? What I recommend is carry a raincoat as well in your luggage and when you are about to step out, always check the weather reports.

Currency is confusing

Not just USD but any currency can be confusing in the beginning if you are new in that place. Even if you try to make a note of it, you will require some days to get used to it.

If possible, it is recommended to get a forex card for places where you can just swipe after shopping.

Calling Cards and Charges

Calling and staying connected when in foreign land can be a task. You don’t know the exact tariffs and terms out there, which is bit difficult. It is wise to plan ahead of time and take a prepaid international calling card from India itself, so you already know the data plan provided and also the tariffs. Also, there will be no Hidden charges.

You can easily get an international calling card online from And if you are planning to get one now, you can get up to 10% discount too.

Although it sounds confusing, you can always look for maps and guidelines. Also, you get so many brands in way cheaper rates than you can find here in India. So, don’t skip shopping!