Forex Cards – New Way To Travel Worldwide Cashless

Forex Cards - New Way To Travel Worldwide Cashless 1

Nowadays tourism is becoming as important as shopping or eat outs. Depending upon choices, budgets and holidays people decide where they wish to go or which destination to explore.

If you are traveling in India, it is more convenient because it is your own country. The languages are known, the states are interlinked and the currency is one. But, when you travel abroad everything is different including the currency which can become biggest barrier between you and your hassle free trip.

You can carry cash in INR and convert them at airports or any authorized outlet. USD is more beneficial because it is accepted in almost any country. But carrying cash is risky as well; robbery, cheatings and drop in currency exchange rates are major reasons.

Apart for this international debit/credit card is massively used by regular travellers. But what we suggest is using it only for booking hotels or tickets. Because when you use these cards abroad, they charge approximately 2% to 5% for cross country transactions which could be expensive. Even if you withdraw cash from ATM’s in other countries this interest can be applied.

Why forex cards? You might consider carrying cash or international debit card. But with the latter, you either have to carry limited cash or pay interest when you use it for cross country transaction or withdrawal. Instead, you can get a loaded forex card for the country you are visiting and have hassle free transaction. And when you use forex cards for transaction there are lesser interest or no interest at all.

For getting forex cards, you can easily log on to and get proper quotes or details about the forex card for country that you are travelling.

It is that simple, that easy. Travel with limitless access with your travel mate, Stayconnect!