How Richa Gupta Encounter Her International Calling Card Problem

How Richa Gupta Encounter Her International Calling Card Problem 1

We landed in Thailand quite late in the night. I switched on my phone and headed to the immigration counter. The queue was lesser than usual. While I stood in the queue, I scrolled my phone for recent updates. Many people were traveling that long weekend. I already felt relaxed, even though it was a business trip and I had no long weekend.

I needed to call my parents to inform about my landing.

‘Hey mom! I reached. Will you inform dad on my behalf?’

‘Yes, off course!’ said mom ‘Be safe and keep updating us. Now don’t talk too much, in may cost you much.’

‘No Mom, talk as much as you wish. I have cheapest prepaid phone card. As much as our local card.’

We talked for quite long and I told her how convenient its was to talk while using such international calling cards. Mom was quite surprised with how technology has changed. Traveling was easy, staying in touch with loved ones is affordable too.

As I was clearing my formalities, I saw a couple who were struggling with airport Wi-Fi. I couldn’t help but go and talk as they were Indian too and communication wouldn’t be a bar.

‘What happened?’ I asked in a friendly tone.

‘We need to call home, but this Wi-Fi doesn’t get connected. I think we need to wait until we reach hotel or get a sim card.’

‘You can use my phone.’ I was hesitating before saying so. But then I gave in.

‘Thank you so much! Shall I turn the hotspot on and then connect to my Wi-Fi?’

‘Make a normal one if you wish to.’

She called immediately and informed. Now she was bit relaxed.

‘Oh! Sorry. That must have costed you much. How can I pay you?’ she exclaimed.

‘Relax, doesn’t cost much.’

‘Where did you get this one? At the Airport?’

‘No! I bought it from India Itself.’

‘How and from where?’

‘Just go on and buy international calling card online. It is just so simple.’

‘Wow! But now we are already in Thailand.’

‘Maybe for next International trip.’ I said.

‘Yes! Right. Thanks a lot!’

I realized how easy it was for me to communicate because of my international calling card.