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Malaysia SIM Card In India

Either you are enjoying your vacations in Kuala Lumpur or Geroge Town you probably gonna need a Malaysia SIM Card to connect with your family and to capture your memorable moments. Stayconnect makes it possible with roaming free SIM Card for Indian travelers. You can use our sim card all over Malaysia with zero roaming charges.

Explore International SIM Card Plans for Malaysia

Key features of Malaysia SIM Card for Indian Travelers

  • Data (5GB @ 4G/LTE Speed).
  • 75 mins Local OR 75 mins India Calls Included.
  • Direct Dial to India! No Codes!
  • Know your number before travel!
  • Plan Validity: 10 Days.
  • You will get free incoming calls with Stayconnect international sim card for Malaysia
Malaysia SIM Card

Why to choose stayconnect sim card for Malaysia?

  • We are a well-established telecom service provider for Indian travelers.
  • We have our stores in Delhi and Mumbai airport so you can get your sim card when you don’t have much time.
  • We have proven results and verified client testimonials which shows that how effect our service is.
  • Our return policy makes us different from others and you will get your money refunded when you canceled your travel by any reason.